The Magical Ride Of Juley the Camel



The Magical Ride Of Juley the Camel

By : Sujata Noronha  /  2012

The Magical Ride Of Juley the Camel

The Magical Ride Of Juley the Camel
Premola Ghose
Premola Ghose
20 pages
Rs 125.00
ISBN: 978-81-90561-98-3
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This 20-page picture book at first glance appears to be positioned for the young reader. A closer read indicates that this is historical fiction that could be read by an older reader (age group of 10 – 13 years).

The Magical Ride Of Juley the Camel is an attempt to combine history, geography, environment science, religion, language and fantasy into one book. Such a feat requires a certain degree of magical writing which does not come through on all pages.

The book opens with an engrossing dialogue that introduces the reader to history and camels. The text narrative changes as fast as the storyline and the reader must struggle to keep track of the many threads that weave together until the magic carpet. There is a strong attempt to provide information to the reader which is valuable from the context of Ladakh and the Silk Route and bring it all together in the Capital City through a magical ride for Juley. Unfortunately, a number of threads remain hanging and the jump from the past to the contemporary might not hold the magic in the tale.

Water color illustrative spreads dominate the layout of the book, and if seen independent of the text can engage the reader in a visual narrative. The architecture of the region is visually shared and gives the reader a clear view of the art and structural landscape of the region.

The Magical Ride Of Juley the Camel has the promise of a good read in an area which is often neglected in stories for children in the Indian context and the depth of the author’s knowledge come through in the struggle to fit it into a picture book. 

Sujata Noronha is an educator who works with literacy and reading resources and runs an organization called Bookworm in Goa. 



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