Little Fingers



Little Fingers

By : Sujata Noronha
Little Fingers

Little Fingers

Sheila Dhir
Mugdha Sethi
Tulika Publishers, 

The title of the book is unassuming, but once you open it to have a read or better still read aloud, Little Fingers takes on large thoughts, happy thoughts.

The book captures the attention of children in the classroom immediately. It does not seem to matter if the listeners are not familiar with the language of the text, because the actions are from the child’s experiences.

The rhyme in the text also allows phonological listening skills and makes a good read aloud for predicting text. The text itself allows for participatory action with the storyline that comes spontaneously to children and makes reading a joy. Particularly happy images are created from experiences like using one’s fingers to do so many things and the understanding that much cannot be done without all of one’s fingers. This message is subtly communicated and well grasped by the end of the reading.

The illustrations are thoughtfully executed and laid out in an artistic way with the text. Using colour to highlight the finger being written about makes it instantly understood by the viewer. While we were attracted to all the pictures, and proud to see brown hands in print, the last two pages are especially wonderful and one can leave the reading knowing that the children have loved and listened well as they wave bye bye and say ‘namaste’.

Sujata Noronha is an educator who lives and works in Goa. Her work includes opening reading windows to children all over the State, through Bookworm—a children’s library that takes books to schools and communities.