Icky, Yucky, Mucky



Icky, Yucky, Mucky

By : Anusha Hariharan  /  2014

Icky, Yucky, Mucky

Icky, Yucky, Mucky
Natasha Sharma
Anita Balachandran
32 pages
Rs 195.00
ISBN: 978-81-89884-96-3
Young Zubaan, 
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Icky, Yukcy, Mucky! is exactly what the title professes to be - ick, yuck and muck! A simple tale of King Icky and Princess Yucky, and how, naturally, they get married, and what comes of it.

As the blurb on the back cover of the book assures us, Natasha Sharma has indeed woven a deliciously gooey tale. The run-of-the-mill king-meets-queen tale has taken on a completely new twist with King Yucky of Ickhtarpur, a man completely lacking any table manners, juggling rosogullas, speaking with his mouth full as he splutters food all over the table and drinks up his rose scented water from the fingerbowl, meets Princess Yucky, the daughter of King Dukhiman. The princess doesn’t own a single nailcutter, which naturally means that she sits and chews her nails laboriously. Of course, Kind Icky falls madly in love with her, for who else but the Princess would understand him, and his true self. He asks for her hand in marriage, and King Dukhiman agrees and gets them married off immediately, lest King Icky changes his mind! What follows is something that tells the people of the Kingdom that they have no hope of running away from the filth that their land is naturally subject to.

Every page in the book lends to a dramatic reading, and for any child, especially one that belongs to a family like mine, where daily entertainment is provided for through stories exactly like these, it’s a dream-come-true. Natasha Sharma has used just the right amount of goo, without letting just that take over the story, and Anita Balachandran has provided us with some scrumptious illustrations, my favourite being the one of the beautiful princess in her royal finery sitting next to a pile of neatly chewed nails!

If only every prince-meet-princess tale could break all notions of propriety and tradition and become about something else altogether!

Anusha Hariharan is a graduate of Jawahar Lal Nehru University, New Delhi, and currently works with issues of caste, gender and sexuality.



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